5 reasons I love sending handwritten cards

I’ve always loved sitting and writing cards. Even as a little girl, I’d spend as much time on the card as I would the gift, if not more. I loved to think of something personal to write in every card I sent. I had {and still do} a huge love of stationary – I’d collect notelets and cards alongside pens and stickers!

As a tween, I had a vast collection of penpals from all around the world, and loved nothing better than sitting writing letters to them, replying to the ones they’d sent me.

Now, as an adult, I still love putting pen to paper. Nothing really beats a handwritten card to say thank you, to express your sorrow or joy or just to say ‘I’m thinking of you’. Sure, you can send an email, but it doesn’t really have the same impact does it? An actual card you can pop on your desk or kitchen windowsill and be reminded everyday that someone cares. Whether it’s a birthday card, car sales thank you cards, a congratulations card or just a note to catch up on all the latest gossip – most people will appreciate a physical card dropping through their letterbox.

Here are five reasons why I love sending handwritten cards

  1. It maintains connections – more often than not, we don’t live close to our loved ones these days. With miles between us, it takes a little more work to keep the connections there. Sending a handwritten card can play an important role in keeping those bonds strong.
  2. It brightens others days – we recieve endless emails every single day – but how much mail? And how much of that mail is not just ciruculars or bills? A card dropping through your letterbox will put a smile on anyone’s face!
  3. It shows that you prioritise others – a quick email or a happy birthday message on a social media platform takes a minute or two. Yet taking the time to write a card and post it shows the recipient that you’ve taken time to find a card and write a message just for them.
  4. It’s easier than ever – In our ultra busy, modern lives, it’s easy to think that we don’t have time to send handwritten cards. There are now so many handwritten letter and card services online that take the stress out of sending a note!
  5. It feels good – for you as well as the reciever!

I don’t think I’ll ever tire of sending or recieving hadnwritten cards, I have a memory box full of cards and notes I’ve recieved over the years. In fact, after my Dad passed away, I used a card he once had sent me to have his writing tattooed on me so I’d carry him with me always.

I’m also passing on my love of handwritten cards to my kiddos. Ever since the girls were little, i’ve pushed the importance of sendng thank you notes after birthdays and christmas, even Oren loves sending a picture to say thank you!

Do you love sending {or recieving} handwrritten cards?

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