Month: January 2021

photo of pathway surrounded by fir trees


I’ve felt for a while, like I’m stuck at a crossroads. The past is behind me, yet I don’t know which road to take. I’ve been so uninspired in the...

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Long weeks and lockdown stress.

Oh, it’s been a long week! Judging from my social media, everyone has been feeling it this week. This lockdown definitely seems to be hitting people harder than before. Perhaps...

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Weekend Reflections

Saturday. This week has flown by. While we’re in lockdown again, life still seems busy – but not in a stressed way. The kiddos are all a bit fed up...

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I sat last weekend, and read back through the goals I set myself for 2020. Asides from buying fresh flowers every week {I did buy myself flowers, but not every...

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2021 – a guiding word

I have been picking a guiding word for the year for the last decade or so. Last year’s word was G R O W – I just re-read what I...

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2020 – what a year

There’s no doubt that 2020 will be a year that we all remember for a long time. While it’s been frustrating at times, I’ve actually loved this year. We were...

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