Planning your garden for a better year ahead

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It might seem like the world is full of doom and gloom at the moment.  However, brighter times are just on the horizon, and so is the promise of spring.  As soon as the weather gets a bit warmer and the days a bit longer, we’ll all be rushing out into our gardens to make the most of it.

So, with our thoughts on the year ahead, it might be time to get to grips with our gardens. Here’s some ideas on how to make your garden a peaceful and positive space for the whole family.

A place for the family

First and foremost, your garden is a space for the whole family.  Adults and kids.  One garden element that works well as a multi-purpose space for everyone, is a lawn.  Lawns require a bit of maintenance to keep them in good condition, but they do reward you for the effort.  Is your lawn looking a bit past rescuing or are you thinking of laying a new lawn?  Then you’ll need to make sure you choose a suitable grass type, which along with the size of lawn you’re planning, will affect turf prices.  But getting the right grass type for your soil shouldn’t be overlooked.

A quiet space

We all need a quiet space.  But finding one inside your home, especially when you have kids, is not easy.  So, the garden is a great place to create a quiet spot.  This could be a summer house, a small area for a bench, or a shady spot for a hammock.

You might even want to make it a dedicated quiet zone with trellis, tall plants or willow screening, which will also help reduce any noise from neighbours, kids or roads.

Closer to nature

One thing we all crave these days, is being closer to nature.  As our world has got smaller, need our sanctuary spaces more and more.  And with our awareness of the natural world growing, many of us are keen to increase the greenness of our gardens.

There are plenty of ways to do this, some are more expensive than others.  But there are lots of simple changes and additions we can make in our gardens.  Growing our own produce, making a compost heap, putting up bird boxes and making bug hotels are just a few of them.  Planting bee-friendly flowers and providing access routes for hedgehogs are other things you might also want to try.

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