Oren Sage Malachi – Eight Week Update

Eight whole weeks of Oren! Time is flying by far too fast. It’s bittersweet watching him grow and change every day. Looking back at his newborn photos it seems both like yesterday and like forever ago. He’s changed so much in how he looks, his little face has unsquished now, and he’s slowly unfurling.

He’s getting longer and heavier every day, starting to get some chubby little cheeks and a double chin. He’s just about outgrown his 0-3 month clothes, he’s too long for most of them!

The last couple of weeks he’s started smiling and cooing. He gives me the biggest smiles when he wakes up in the morning! He’s really starting to take an interest in noises around him. Especially if one of his siblings comes and talks to him – he loves them already.

Sleep at night is still pretty good. He usually settles somewhere between 9 and 10pm, wakes around 1am and 4 am, and is up about 7am for the day. The last couple of days he’s been quite unsettled in the daytimes, but he’s on his second leap so I think that’s to blame. I’m thankful I have the big girls to help, as he just won’t go down or nap other than on someone {having said that he’s been asleep on my bed for the last half an hour!}. I have him in the sling a lot through the day, but sometimes it’s nice to have my hands free for ten minutes. Baya snuggled him asleep yesterday while I had a quick bath which was bliss.

blurry baby smiles

We’ve survived another camping trip with him, and are about to go to another festival this weekend {though we’re skipping the Friday as the weather forecast is pretty horrific!}

He loves being held up on his feet, he enjoys laying on his playmat with a playgym over him for ten minutes or so, and is really enjoying bath time now {as long as I pop the heater on so the room is nice and warm!}. He’s not been keen on his swing this week – I think it’s too laid back for him as he just tries to sit up when I put him in it!

He’s such a lovely little boy, and I’m so excited to see him grow and change over the coming weeks.

Five weeks old

Six weeeeks old

Seven Weeks Old

Eight weeks old

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  1. McKenzie Allyshia

    September 5, 2019 at 05:53

    He is so handsome and getting so big ♥

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