Friday I’m in Love

Oh, Friday – I can almost smell the weekend! I have plans for some DIY on Saturday, then a lovely family day on Sunday – not sure yet if we’ll go out, or just have a lazy day at home! It’s been a busy but good week {if a little too cold for my liking}. I’ve been ticking things off my to-do list, sorting some jobs out in my house, catching up with friends and getting in some tiny baby cuddles – gotta get in practice again!

I am itching for the weather to perk up just a little, I have the urge to start sorting my garden – I think I am just desperate for the summer when we practically live outdoors! I did buy some fruit trees this week, so Beastie and I are going to get them planted over the weekend. I need to fill the flower bed with some shrubs/flowers that I can just sow or plant and forget about – I’m not expecting much gardening time once the baby is here! Any recommendations for easy to grow and maintain flowers or plants, please? I’m not as green fingered as I would like to be.

Tonight I have a date with my eldest, Netflix and a Freaks of Nature Sticky Toffee Pudding – Friday night perfection if you ask me ♥

This Vegan 31 Day Whole Food Meal Plan sounds so good!

I LOVE these life rules for a daughter ♥

365 questions to ask yourself

I think doing this sugar challenge would be so interesting {and maybe scary!}

This recipe for Flat Bread and Olives sounds SO good – perfect Saturday lunchtime fodder

44 Lessons Learned from Nearly Four Years Lived at Esalen – love this article {I actually love every post she writes!}

If you enroll with Doterra before the 31st January you can get 5 ml Kumquat and 5 ml Red Mandarin for free with your order! You can find out how to enroll HERE

I vlogged again this week {!!}. It was a hard one to record and share – talking about the end of my relationship and facing pregnancy/birth/newborn as a single Mama. You can watch it HERE

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  1. wasabipdx

    January 30, 2019 at 16:50

    I love your site! Thank you for including my meal plan!

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