Essential Oils to Diffuse for the Winter Months

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We can all start to feel a little down when we’re stuck inside during the winter months and aren’t getting the vitamin D we need from the sun. This is made worse by the stale and sometimes smelly air around the home. It’s too cold to open the windows, and turning on the heating means running up an already costly bill.

Thankfully, you can bring a little bit of freshness into the home with essential oils. These oils are made from the good stuff found in plants; it’s like bring the fresh blooms of spring into your house a few months early.

Not only do they smell great, but each oil comes with many potentially beneficial health benefits. From supporting a healthy mood, to supporting the immune system, and even helping with feelings of vitality, essential oils are amazing, easy to use, and affordable. You can even clean with them! Yup, add them to a bucket of water and scrub the home for a deep clean without the smell of bleach or chemicals! You can also mix them with a carrier oil of your choice for a soothing massage, or add it to a diffuser so you can breathe them in all day long.

If you’re new to essential oils, check out our list of oils that we recommend you try during the winter months.


Cinnamon is memorable, as a spice it is incredibly versatile, and as you already know the aroma is something you just can’t get out of your head. So why not embrace your love of the spice and add the oils to your new collection of essential oils? Research suggests that cinnamon essential oils are great for supporting the immune system, it has antimicrobial properties, supports the respiratory system, and may even aid digestion.


Peppermint essential oils are good for people who are not on a strict diet. Basically, peppermint will make you think of candy all of the time, so be wary of this one. If you do want to brave this essential oil, you’ll be doing a lot to perk up the body. Peppermint stimulates the brain, the cooling effect may encourage a healthy pain response joint or muscle aches, and it may even help to kick the digestive system back in working order if you find yourself overindulging in foods that are not approved by your diet.

Sweet Orange

Sweet orange is all the best of spring and summer rolled up and put into oil form. The citrus aroma has a warming quality that is good for fending off negative winter emotions as well as microbial challenges. It may also provide support for healthy-looking skin, acne, and occasional red or dry skin. Try massaging the sweet orange essential oil onto the skin for optimal support!


If you already miss the holiday season, then ginger is your new favorite essential oil companion. Remember, you can’t have a gingerbread house without ginger! Remind yourself of the wonders of the holiday season by filling the air with this aroma. Mix it with peppermint to maximize the effect. Ginger also happens to be good for feelings of vitality and a healthy mood.

If you just can’t hold out for spring and you need to think of sunshine, warmth, and adventures outdoors, then you need to start using essential oils. Think of this small list as a starter pack to help create a specific vibe that will enhance the atmosphere in your house. Overtime, explore other aromas, mix them, and try using them in various ways!

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