Dear Bean – Weeks 16 & 17


Dear Bean

I missed last weeks update in the midst of Christmas/New Year chaos, but I did manage to take a bump photo still.

The kiddos and I have been brainstorming names, they are still in disagreement as to what they want you to be. But whoever you are, there are five people here very excited to meet you. We’re counting down until my next scan when we get to see you wiggling around on the screen again.

We’ve started collecting a few bits and pieces for you this week. A couple of hand-knits, some cute booties, a playmat, and some reusable nappies. Realising that I need to slowly start getting prepared!

I’ve been feeling a lot better the past couple of weeks, baring last weekends horrendous migraine – I think that was down to the stress of the last few weeks, and finally being able to relax. FIngers crossed it was a one off.


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