Packing list for a family festival

family camping at a festival

Camp Bestival is just a couple of weeks away! We’re actually heading off two weeks tomorrow, as we’re staying in Bournemouth the night before to break our journey up. Last year I had the, ahem, wise idea of leaving at 2am…. thinking {hoping?!} that the girls would go back to sleep and we’d have an easy journey. Ooops. Everyone was way to excited to sleep so by mid-afternoon when we’d set up camp everyone went into meltdown mode ;) It’s around a 6 hour drive for us, so we’re driving down on the Wednesday, spending the night in a Travelodge and then hitting the festival on the Thursday morning, bright and refreshed!

I made up my packing list at the weekend, and now that G is back from two festivals in a row {one for fun and one where he worked} I can start gathering everything together in one place. Here’s what we’ll be taking this year:


Canping Gear

  • Tents – we’re taking a 6 man, a 4 man and a 2 man pop up. Baya and I share a bedroom in the 6 man, Lola has the other, G and Kiki sleep in the 4 man and the pop up tent is our storage tent. Means we have plenty of space and the living area in the 6 man is clear if it’s wet and we need to sit inside!
  • Mallet and extra tent pegs – always wise to have extras!
  • Rug for the living area – amakes it a little more cosy!
  • Front door mat – took it last year and was surprised how useful it was
  • Airbeds – 2 doubles and 1 single
  • Sleeping Bags/Duvets – Baya and I shared a double duvet last year, everyone else had their own sleeping bag
  • Pillows – 1 each, though this year, this pregnant Mama may be taking an extra ;)
  • Fleece Blankets – the girls took a blanket each, and I took one to put on top of my airbed
  • Bunting & Solar Fairy lights – gotta have a pretty looking pitch {also helped to find it in the dark!}
  • Windbreak
  • Camping Chairs
  • Lanterns – we have these Orb Tent Lights for the bedrooms, and a couple of big lanterns too.
  • Camping Stove
  • Kettle
  • Frying Pan/Saucepan
  • Enamel Plates/Bowls/Cups
  • Cutlery
  • Small bowl for washing up
  • Tea towels
  • Towels – you may want to use the showers, and great if it’s wet!!
  • Headtorches – the girls loved these when we went back out at night!
  • Water Containers
  • Picnic Blanket

One of the best things we did last year was to take a couple of empty 2 litre plastic milk jugs. Filled with water, and with a head torch wrapped around [light shining inwards} they make great ambient lighting – we were impressed how much light they gave off. We used them if we were sitting around our tents in the evening


  • Bin Bags
  • Baby wipes
  • Hand sanitising Gel & Pocket Tissues – we all carried a bottle of gel and some tissues with us so were set for visiting the toilets!
  • Matches
  • Newspaper – great for outside the tent if it is wet
  • Washing up liquid
  • Ear Defenders for littlies
  • Rucksacks for the daytime
  • Phone Charger – I have just have a battery powered one and it does the job fine
  • Camera
  • Colouring Books/Pens
  • Pack of Cards
  • Couple of storybooks
  • Kattoos – we got sent a pack of these temporary phone number tattoos for the girls


  • Shower Gel
  • Shampoo/Conditioner – we don’t worry too much about showering while we’re there BUT last year it was really hot setting up so we did need a shower to freshen up after, and if you got really wet/muddy/cold it might be nice
  • Ear Plugs
  • Eye Mask
  • Toothbrushes/Toothpaste
  • Make-up
  • Deodorant
  • First aid kit – including suncream/aloe vera


  • Wellies
  • Sandals
  • Fleeces
  • Raincoats
  • PJ’s
  • Onsies – most certainly NOT for daywear, but I loved my fleecy one come bedtime – it kept me warm all night long!
  • Plenty of underwear
  • Outfit for each day – kids take t-shirts/leggings plus a spare or two
  • Tutu’s/Fairy Wings – festival essentials!

And that’s it! Aside from food of course, but I have a separate post coming about feeding a family at a festival. Have I missed anything?! What are your essentials for a festival?

24 thoughts on “Packing list for a family festival

  1. What a great list. I am loving the idea of the fairy lights – when we went camping we struggled with the little torches we took so can’t say enough how important lighting was. Have you got something to keep milk cool in?

  2. I love you added tutus and fairy wings in. They are indeed essentials! I hope you have a lovely day sweetie. I remember, when we were younger, we used to go to cornwall for our holiday and my parents would wake us at around 1/2am so we would sleep in the car but we never did and had the same experience as you but they still did it each year and never learnt ha! x

  3. Oh my goodness I don’t own 1 tent let alone that many.
    You are a real pro. I only wish I was, it would make it way cheaper than dorms if I do go to the European Yoga Festival this year.
    This post will help so many people.
    Liska x

  4. cor! thats a not of stuff! Great to be prepared though, this is what worries me about going to a festival and not being able to drive, although I suppose there are only 3 of us! x

  5. Adding this to my favourites list – I have no idea what to take, although we already have the fairy lights……you are taking a lot of tents too…..we only have one and have more people than you #eek

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