The Happy List #15

In making space for healing, I’m making space for all the good and happy things in life. Letting go of what isn’t essential, and choosing to focus on what makes me feel good. There are many happy moments throughout the week, and it’s really important that we remember to be grateful for all of them – they exist even in the hardest of times.

Here are three good things from this past week;

* Mother’s Day – missing my eldest, but the other four spoilt me rotten. Their handmade cards and gifts were the best, and the little treats they bought were the icing on the cake. I even got breakfast and dinner cooked for me AND I didn’t have to wash up!

* Naps – after the boys went to their Dad’s on Saturday, I went to watch a movie in bed. Three hours later I woke up, though I think I could have happily stayed there till morning. It was a very much-needed and appreciated nap.

* Gardening – my garden’s slowly looking something like, after some little facelifts like a new shed and moving bits around. Still need to jetwash the patio and order some lawn seed. Seeing my seedlings growing in my little greenhouse makes my heart happy though.

What is on your happy list this week?

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