The Happy List #1

Browsing through old posts the other day, I remembered how much I loved writing the ‘Three Good Things‘ posts. Taking a little time each week to look back on the good things that had happened, giving gratitude for this life and slowing down enough to notice.

So…. here’s the first of The Happy List. I can’t promise it will be weekly, but I am committed to getting into this space more often. Trying to reconnect with myself, whilst I slow life back down.

1 ~ Home Days. After too long feeling like we were rushing around and barely ever at home, I’ve been loving having some cosy home days. Work, crafts, baking, reading, games… a chance to just enjoy each other’s company.

2 ~ Sunshine. It’s felt like a cold wet winter, so some sunny days are very much appreciated. Milder temps and sunshine meant we’ve been able to grab some time in the garden, the boys playing whilst I’ve started tidying and clearing ready for this years garden.

3 ~ Friends. In a world full of people who take advantage, try to bring you into their drama or just don’t really give a fuck…. I’m grateful for the friends I have. People I’ve known for years, through good times and bad, who are there for me when I need, who lift me up when I’m down and can have adventures with

What is on your happy list this week?.

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