Wrapping up another home ed year….

When I decided to home educate back in 2007, I didn’t think about how long we’d be doing it for, or how many children! Back then we had two, Lola was almost 4 and at nursery and Kiki was just a baby. Home educating was something that had always been in the back of my mind, but it was stumbling upon some American Home School blogs that made me realise it was something we could actually do.

We turned down the reception place we were offered for Lola and joined some Home Ed groups instead. The years have flown by, 15 since we made that decision! It hasn’t always been easy, the juggling of responsibilities especially in the last 6 years as a single parent, have at times tested me. But it is a decision I have never regretted. I cannot imagine having to pack them off to school all day. I look at Oren at 3 and couldn’t picture him getting ready to start school!

15 years on, and those two children I initially decided to home ed are all grown up. Lola at 19 has finished her A-Levels and is waiting to take up a place at University in September. Kiki at almost 16 has just finished a vocational 14-16 programme and has a full-time place at college in September. It’s a funny feeling having got two through to ‘the other side’ – my home ed journey with them is over, and they’re stepping out into the wide world.

It feels like a big accomplishment -there were times over the years when I worried about if I was doing the right thing, but seeing them flourish and thrive is reassuring that I have. As they became secondary school age, I was questioned so much on what they were going to do, how would we navigate GCSE’s, etc.

What’s right for one isn’t right for them all. Lola chose school – full time, mainstream school for two years to do her GCSE’s {unfortunately, her second year coincided with the pandemic, so she never actually had to sit the exams!} then college for two yers for her A-Levels. Kiki chose a 14-16 programme at Reeseheath college, studying an Animal Management NVQ alongside Maths & English GCSEs.

With three still at home, our home ed days are far from over. Baya has another year and then will most likely do similar to Kiki. The boys still have years ahead of them – at 7 & 3 I still have no plans to send them to school, we’ll just see what the future brings!

We’re enjoying a few weeks ‘off’ for summer before we get back to some more structure in September. I’ll be sharing more of our home ed journey on here again, I’ve missed documenting it! What would you like to know/see/hear about?

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