Gratitude – A Mid-Week Three Good Things

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I’m sat on my sofa, enjoying a peaceful house. All my kiddos are out, and I have a whole day ahead of me {well, until 3pm anyway}. I don’t even mind that it’s a work day – they joy of having a whole day to work uninterrupted is absolute bliss.

I’ve made it out for a morning run, which was the first in a couple of weeks. There’s been a lot of shadow work being done lately, I’ve been working through some old wounds, figuring out boundaires and learning to speak up for myself. I’ll write more on both of those later…

For now, I wnated to hop in with a #threegoodthings. I’ve loved reconnecting with all that I am grateful for this year. The more I focus on teh good stuff – the more good stuff there is.

1 – Friendship – I’m lucky enough to have some wonderful friendships in my life, and it’s something I’m working on nurturing. For years, I told myself I was friendless – the truth is that I kept people at arms length because I had zero belief in myself, and was living so far from my truth. It really was the old ‘it’s not them, it’s me’ No more – I’m living more and more in line with who I am everyday, no longer is there a barrier between me and the world, no longer am I trying to be someone I am not.

2 – Birthdays – I love birthdays, expeically my kiddos. I love going all out and spoiling them. It’s not about how much I spend, but about showering them with love. Not just in gifts, but in effort and love.

3 – Work days – for years, I worked in snatched moments or late at night. Now I’m lucky enough to finally have dedicated work time and the difference is amazing. Not having to try and be Mama whilst working has made a huge difference.

What are you grateful for this week?

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