Oren Sage Malachi – Nine Month Update

Oh my days… how is he nine months old?! Crazyness I’ll tell you.

What can I say? He is still my little kangaroo baby, doesn’t really like being away from me, or not in full-body contact 24/7. That’s hard sometimes, but he’s my last baby so really, I’m just soaking it up. He’s growing so fast, soon he won’t want to be so close all day long.

We seem to have finally mastered the art of crawling, and he’s taken steps all on his own. My tiny baby is morphing into a toddler before my eyes. I’m not quite ready…

He still loves his food, he’ll eat everything and anything, especially if someone else is eating it haha!

He loves playing games with the big kids, especially if they are on the trampoline.

He’s a happy little camper, he loves music and cuddles and splashing in the bath. He definitely does not like going in the pushchair or carseat though!

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