Oren Sage Malachi – Week Three

Three Weeks! Why does time go so fast?! I’m trying hard to savour every minute of these newborn days for the final time. I can see him changing every day. Filling out, losing the newborn squish, becoming more alert, slowly uncurling and taking more notice of all of us.

We’re still all doing really well. Oren is an excellent feeder, he nurses on demand {and is just like his brother – if he’s awake he thinks he should have a boob in his mouth}!}. He usually wakes 2 or 3 times at night, and then settles back down. I’m sleeping well in between feeds, and feeling pretty rested considering I have a newborn!

He’s been sleeping in his Sleepyhead pod for the last week, and he absolutely loves it! He’s so cosy in there, I’ve actually put him into it at night instead of having him in my bed. He’s still right at the side of my bed, but he’s slept better meaning I have as a result.

I’m a little sad he outgrew his newborn clothes so fast, and in all honesty, the 0-3 ones aren’t going to last very long either I don’t think. I’ still blessed with lots of big sisters who are very helpful. There are always plenty of hands to hold him, plenty of helpers to make my life a little easier, and so much love he’ll be the most loved baby ever ♥

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