Oren Sage Malachi – Weeks One and Two

Happy two weeks Earthside Oren! These two weeks have whizzed by so fast. We’ve jumped back into life with a newborn with absolutely no problems, it has been far easier than I imagined, and none of us can imagine life without him now.

He’s a really chilled, happy baby. Loves cuddles, definitely loves boobie haha! He lost a tiny bit of weight in the first few days, he was back up to his birth weight by day 9, and when he was weighed at day 14 he was up to 9lb 9oz!

Breastfeeding so far has gone without a hitch. He has a slight tongue tie, but it isn’t affecting his feeding at all. He nurses on demand through the day, and I’m so happy we’ve had such an easy, amazing start to our breastfeeding journey.

The first week, he only wanted to sleep on my chest, which was fine – I managed to sleep half propped up. But then I managed to get him to snuggle down with me in bed. Thought the last couple of nights, he’s been in his Sleephead Pod, in the Moses basket right next to my bed and has slept amazingly!

The past couple of days I can see him really looking at me when I talk to him, starting to focus on my face and take it all in. He’s less bothered by getting his nappy changed now, he really didn’t like it at first!

I’m trying to soak up every moment of these baby days, as they are going to fly by so fast!

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