Three Good Things

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these posts, but I wanted to bring it back for the New Year. Keeping a daily gratitude journal has been life-changing, and I love sharing my #threegoodthings on here each week.

It’s been a crazy few weeks here, with Christmas and New Year, as well as a lot of other changes going on. The stress of the last couple of months has finally cleared, I’ve re-found my voice and stood up for myself, and am feeling pretty darn good. I have lots of plans and hopes for 2019 – so let’s start the year off with a little gratitude.

* New Years with friends – for the second year running, the kiddos and I spent the New Year by the sea with friends. There were walks by the sea, ice-creams, chip dinners, confetti balloons and a lot of laughter.

* My own space – so very grateful for having my own space, a home that’s mine, where the kiddos and I can just relax and be happy.

* Down Time – there was a time I would have pushed on, regardless of how ill I felt. SO when I came down with the worst migraine I have had in years this weekend, I was grateful for allowing myself the time to rest. 3 days spent on the sofa, a whole lot of naps and some serious comfort food and I’m almost feeling human again.

What are your #threegoodthings?

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