A family meal plan for November

A family meal plan for November

Somehow October’s meal plan never happened, and after a month of winging it, I am ready to be back in a world of meal plans!! It’s so much easier to have a month’s worth of meals planned ahead of time. Saves me time, money and food waste. Without a meal plan, I always get to 5 pm and have that ‘what on earth am I going to make for dinner tonight’ panic. Not fun every day!

There are a lot more hearty dishes this month, things that will warm us from the inside out, as well as dishes I can throw in my slow cooker first thing in the morning and forget about. One pot dishes and meals that will accommodate all five of us with our differing diets and food preferences {easier said than done!}

A family meal plan for November

Here’s what we’ll be eating in November:

* Nut Cutlets, Sweet Potato Mash, Veg
* Farinata topped with chargrilled courgettes and garlic mushrooms
* Morrocan Chickpea Stew
* Fried Rice & Veggie Sausages
* Nachos
* Tomato SOup & Cheesy Toast
* Taco Tuesday
* Jacket Potatoes, Smokey Baked Beans
* Ratatouille & Pasta
* Gnocchi, Pesto, Corn Cobs
* Vegballs, Sweet Potato Mash, Kale
* Picky Dinner
* Pesto Pasta
* Lentil & Bean Chilli
* Veggie Curry & Poppadums
* Root Vegetable Cakes
* Sausage & Veg Traybake
* Veg stew
* Homemade Pizzas
* Mexican Bean & Tomato Soup
* Fajitas, Homemade Wedges
* Roasted Veg, Pesto, Bulgar Wheat
* Spaghetti, Salad, Garlic BRead
* Coconut Dahl
* English Muffin Pizzas
* Picky Dinner
* Butternut Squash & Sweet Potato Soup
* Vegan Paella
* Wedges, Chickpea & Mushroom Burgers
* Pasta, Roasted Tomato Sauce, Salad


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