Homeschool | October in review

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October felt like a good month. We’ve found our groove at last after the summer, happily falling back into new {old} rhythms. I try to find balance over the course of a week, rather than each day… so some dyas are all about homeschool stuff, some days we’ll be out with friends all day, somedays I need to sit and work…. the joy of homeschooling is our flexibility, of differing days depending on what we need to do that week, days out balanced by days at home.

We’ve been spending a lot more time back in the den this month, we didn’t seem to use it over the summer, but now the weather is cooler there have been a lot more arts and crafts happening. We do Nature Studies as part of this years ‘curriculum’ but the kids spend a lot of time painting or creating things of their own back too. I love sitting down with them and us all painting away, with some tunes playing and chatting about this and that.

We’ve worked our way through some more LIfe of Fred books this month {the best maths curriculum if you ask my kiddos!}. The girls love it, and it never feels like work. We’ve also been doing lots of extra work on our times tables, practising, practising, practising – they’re getting pretty good now! Beastie loves to join in and shouts out random numbers {not sure how helpful that is haha!]. I found him and Kiki the other day doing ‘his’ maths – the great thing about siblings is that the big ones end up teaching the little ones!

We’re using our book club books this year as the basis for a’ round the world’ unit study.This month we were looking at Egypt {though we didn’t read the set book, as it wasn’t the best and didn’t appeal to the girls – so we read a different one}. We looked at modern-day Egypt, the geography of the country, religious beliefs, what they eat, how people live etc. But we also looked at Ancient Egypt, which I really enjoyed as it’s been a few years since we’ve really studied it. We took a trip to the World Museum in Liverpool as they have a fantastic Ancient Egyptian gallery there.

Whilst there we also went down to the Tate to see the Roy Lichenstein exhibition, and checked out Beastie’s favourite pirate ship! We’ve had a few other trips out – the best being another day at Chester Zoo. There have been home ed groups, lots of play dates and the never-ending round of extra-curricular evening groups!


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