How to save money on household essentials


The past year of being a one-income family, I’ve really had to tighten the purse strings. We manage somehow – the rent always gets paid, as do the bills, we never go without food, the kids have new clothes/shoes when they need them, there are gifts under the tree at Christmas and for birthdays, we managed a couple of holidays over the summer and the kids all do various extra-curricular groups. Still. It’s tight. Most weeks I live paycheck to paycheck, having to decide what is the top priority that week to spend money on.

I’ve been here before when the girls were little and I was a full-time Mama and my then husband didn’t earn very much. We ended up with debt, that thankfully, with some advice from the Citizens Advice we managed to clear. This past year has really made me stop and look at what we were spending, and see where I could save a few pennies.

There are lots of ways you can save on your household expenses:


Go through your last month’s bank statement and check every item. See where you’re money is going. Check any standing orders and direct debits – often we set things up and never get around to cancelling them. Look at what you’re spending on non-essentials – takeaway coffees, lunch out, subscriptions you could do without. Cut out anything that you’re no longer using or you can live without.


Creating a budget means you know where you stand with your money. No more guesswork. No more hoping you’ll have enough to pay the rent this month. Make a list of all your income and all your expenses. If you’re spending more than you’re earning then you need to figure out where you can save some pounds. Use an online tool like this budget maker to help you.


It’s easy to get caught in the trap of shopping in the same place all the time. I usually do an online food order as I don’t drive so it’s easier for me to have it delivered. However, one week I walked up to Lidl for my weekly shop and spent HALF of what I usually do. HALF! That’s a huge saving – even if I spend the £4 on a taxi home, I still save around £45 a week! It’s also a good habit to get into of checking voucher code sites. Two that I try to check regularly are and dealsdaddy. You can save lots of money if you check for voucher codes before you shop!


Once a year, it’s worth running your utility bills through an online comparison site, you could save £££’s on your gas and electric bills just by switching to a different supplier. When it’s time to renew house or car insurance, it’s worth shopping around to see if you can get a better deal also elsewhere. boredom will take their toll over time. –As energy is one of the services you must pay monthly, it is better to count on excellent electricity companies. You can avoid having any bill surprises at the end of the month. Many power suppliers offer a wide range of plans that can adjust to your budget; it’s just a matter of doing proper research and making a wise decision.


Takeaway coffees, lunch out, snacks for the kids…. it all adds up. Take a thermos, make a packed lunch and never, ever leave house without snacks for the kiddos!


When I meal plan I end up saving lots of money. It means I know what food I need to buy, so I’m not just filling my trolley with things that we might want. As well as saving money, it also cuts down on food waste too.

What are your top tips for saving money on household expenses?



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  1. This is a really great read with some fab tips! I too regularly shop at lidl it Aldi because you really can save the difference.
    We also meal plan breakfast and lunches becasuse then all bases are covered. ????

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