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We’re joining in with Wild Rumpus to celebrate the nations love of Where the Wild Things Are today with a fun craft for your kiddos to do. It’s a book that we love and have read many times over the years to our kiddos. It’s a real children’s classic – the story of Max, a little boy who has been naughty and sent to his room without any supper. He begins to day dream and goes off into the land of the Wild Things, where he is wildest of all and becomes King. Eventually, he misses home so he returns to find that his mother has brought him supper to his room.

We decided to make these fun and easy tube dolls, my kiddos have been making all sorts of different tube dolls lately {and tube piggies!} so they were excited to make some to go alongside the book.

Using Maurice Sendak’s beautiful illustrations as our guide, we made a Max {complete with his Kingly crown} as well as several of the ‘Wild Things’ he meets.

where the wild things are

H O W ~ T O

*Take your tube and pinch down the top on both sides, so tht you end up with ‘ears’ {for one of the Wild Things we cut spikes instead}

*Let your child pick the Wild Thing they want to make {or design their own} and get messy with the paints. We used a pencil to draw the patterns/shapes on our tubes before we started painting as a guide.

*Once the paint is dry, use marker pens to add in any details

*We also created a backdrop for our dolls too!

Where The Wild Things Are tutorial

I’d love to see your Wild Thing Tube Dolls if you make some! We took a set of ours to our local library – they were really excited and put them on display in the children’s area!

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image below to visit Wild Rumpus and join in the fun!

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