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april vegan kind box

Since the new year, I’ve been trying to cut down on the amount of dairy that I have been eating. Namely cheese. We have soya milk and dairy free spread, but cheese is my downfall. I don’t eat meat anyway, so apart from the cheese my diet is almost vegan. I first saw these Vegankind boxes on Instagram, and when they offered me one to review and try out I jumped at the chance.

The VeganKind is the UK’s first monthly subscription service for vegans.For just £10 plus p&p each month, you get 5–8 vegan products. Ranging from food & drink, to cruelty free beauty (male & female) and eco friendly household products. Aprils box arrived with a good selection of products. The Rebel Kitchen Choco Mylk was quickly snatched up by Lola who loves chocolate milk!! She said it was delicious. I’m excited to try both the Landgarten Organic Dark Chocolate Soy Snack and the Creative Natura Sublime Seed Bar. There was also a Freya Luna lip & body balm, I haven’t tried it out as I prefer to use my own products ;)

There were two items in the box that I was most excited about though. First was the Clearspring Sushi Nori. I love this so much just as it is for a snack, though I might actually use this pack to make sushi! The second one is the Coconom Coconut Sugar – I’m looking forward to seeing how this compares to refined sugar, hoping I can make a switch!

I was impressed with the quality and variety in this box – they’d be great if you’re a new vegan, or thinking about changing your diet. Equally if you’ve been a vegan a long time these could be a great way to discover new brands. You can order the next one here.

vegankind box


  1. Laura

    April 16, 2014 at 09:17

    Oh wow Coconut sugar!!! I love the Vegan Kind boxes – always filled with great products :)

    Laura x

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