The Happy List #12

Ah Monday! I didn’t burst into the week full of energy – instead, I crawled very slowly. Somehow, I’ve managed to get through the day, and I’m now sat at my desk while the boys play, trying to get through as much work as I can before I have to make dinner.

Some days trying to juggle kids, home life, housework, home education and self employment is a struggle – plus adding in me finding time for yoga and writing/painting/relaxing.

Truth is, I wouldn’t have it any other way. It may be hard some days, but the freedom this life affords us is worth it.

Here’s my happy list this week – I would love to see yours!

* An afternoon in the garden – I’ve actually managed a couple of garden sessions this week, amidst the bad weather. Sorting out the chicken run, clearing all the junk from in the shed and behind it ahead of my new one arriving, filling beds with fresh compost, and doing a little general tidying. I am so ready for spring to be here!

* Dinner with a friend – managed to catch up last week with one of my besties, she made dinner and we had a good natter whilst our boys played

* Painting time – while the boys were with their dad, I scheduled in some me time in my small studio. I bought a giant canvas the other week and I’ve been itching to get playing on it. It’s looking so good – it’s destined for a spot at the top of my stairs that needs something to brighten it up.

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