A better Nights Sleep with Simba

I’m sure I’m not the only Mama who loves her bed??! These days going to bed is a treat! My 9-year-old thinks that is so weird. Honestly, bed is one of my favourite places, and my room is my sanctuary.

It’s the one space in my house that is completely mine {apart from a 4-year-old in my bed at night}. It’s where I read, where I meditate, where I practice yoga. It’s a cosy and calming space where, in the midst of my hectic days I can take five minutes to chill out.

There are candles and crystals galore, chilled out music playing most of the day, my ‘to be read’ pile of books, tarot and oracle cards, a pile of journals, bunting and nice art work. It’s my hideaway.

I bought my bed the year before Oren was born, when I switched rooms with one of the girls. Five years on, and while it’s still pretty comfortable, it’s definitely seen better days. So, I was thrilled to be able to add one of these hybrid toppers from Simba.

The boys were excited to help unbox it when it arrived – though I think they were as excited about a box to play with as I was with the actual topper!

Simba toppers, unlike traditional memory foam mattress toppers, have Aerocoil® springs and a layer of open-cell Simbatex® foam. The result – the comfiest bed I think that I have ever slept on.

Really – I thought my bed was comfortable until my first night on this topper. It was soft and squishy, yet perfectly supportive too. The stiffness I’d gotten used to waking up with has gone, and I have slept more soundly than usual.

It even got the Oren seal of approval!!

post in conjunction with Simba. All thoughts are my own.

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