3 Signs a Lifestyle Change Would Do You Good

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It’s never easy to admit when we need help. However, it’s one of the first and best things we can do to better ourselves. And, of course, after we admit we need help, it’s then time for us to actually follow through with some sort of change.

Changes can be little or gradual, but sometimes what we go through in life requires more, like an entire lifestyle change. Lifestyle changes aren’t always easy to accept or continue, but in the end, they’re often what’s best for us.

Here are some signs it might be time to make a lifestyle change as soon as today.

  1. You’ve Been Dealing with Trauma

Trauma can be anything from a traumatic accident you were recently involved in to problems you’ve dealt with in childhood. Trauma can also be secondhand. Regardless, trauma is trauma, and trauma can be powerful.

Trauma can be both mentally and physically draining. You may frequently find yourself putting your guard up to protect yourself, even in situations that don’t deem protection. It may be hard for you to open up or express your feelings. You may be panicky, depressed, or anxious. Trauma can even impact your memory, relationships, and your overall function (eating, sleep).

  1. Burnout is Becoming Common for You

It’s okay and completely normal to feel burnt out time and time again, especially when under stress. You may go through a short period of despising your job. You might be bored of your group of friends for a while. Things like this are not unheard of at all, and this too shall pass.

But if burnout is becoming more frequent for you, even when you take some time to step back for a bit, this is a sign that a lifestyle change could do you some good. Perhaps your current path truly isn’t meant for you, which may be why stepping back isn’t helping you feel any less burnt out.

  1. You’re Going Through a Hardship

Hardships are clearly difficult, as the name implies. You may feel a sense of never recovering while or even after dealing with a hardship. Hardships might include a divorce, losing your house to a fire, or being laid off from your job.

Sometimes going through hardship is meant to guide us elsewhere. While you have every right to feel all the emotions during this time, know that what’s coming around the corner might be something fresh, new, and exciting. See this time as an opportunity to start again and make a big change, perhaps in a completely different path.

From going back to college, to obtaining a new daily hobby, to making the move to a luxury community in Scottsdale AZ, these are all examples of lifestyle changes that can help get you over a hump in life.


Small changes can work wonders at times. Other times, we may require a complete lifestyle change. As intimidating as it might sound, it can be for the better. From dealing with trauma, to facing frequent burnout, to going through an especially hard time, these are all moments that might mean a lifestyle change would do us good.

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