Saying yes more

Last night, with the boys at their Dad’s, dinner for the me and the girls done, I got into my PJ’s and was sat on my bed reading. Planning an evening in front of the TV with lots of chocolate and a hottie to soothe my period cramps.

Then the girls knocked and asked if I fancied a drive to the beach to see the sunset. My initial reaction was to say ‘NO’ – that I just wanted to slob on the sofa.


I thought actually, you know what? I love the beach. The beach at sunset will be amazing. There were no boys so it was an easier trip {no fighting, arguing or a toddler making me piggy back him for the whole walk}. Plus, these girls are getting big. THey’re often busy with their own things so I don’t get as much time with them as I used to.

Literally, five minutes later we were in the car and on the way, jumper over my PJ’s!

They chatted and played their music on the 40 minute drive, the sun shone and it felt so good to be able to just hop in a car and go. A year of driving and the novelty of so much freedom hasn’t worn off.

We got there perfectly timed to see the sunset, strolled along the beach, Kiki paddled, Baya made friends with a dog and I just soaked it all up.

It was such a breath of fresh air to shake off the shackles of routine and just be spontaneous. Sometimes my anxiety gets the better of me and I get stuck in routines. THis was the perfect reminder I needed to just say YES more, to take opportunities when they arise and to seek adventure always.

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