Top Tips To Make Your Home Your Happy Place

Our homes should be places where we feel safe, calm and relaxed, but what if your house is not the haven you crave? If you’ve recently moved house, or you dream of creating a more comfortable, serene space, here are some top tips to make your home your happy place. 

Use colour to set the mood

We often think about aesthetic appeal and style when choosing paint colours, but have you ever noticed that the colours you wear or see around you impact your mood? While some shades make you feel energetic and alive, others can have a soothing effect. To make your home a happier space, use colour to set the mood. Opt for soft tones and calming colours in bedrooms and quiet spaces and be bold with bright, uplifting shades in social areas like the kitchen and living room. However, you can click here for more info, if your walls need extra care. Moreover, If you don’t want to go all-out and paint every wall, create a statement wall or use accessories to inject pops of colour. If you don’t want to go all-out and paint every wall, create a statement wall or use accessories to inject pops of colour. 

Prioritise security

Feeling safe at home should be a priority for everyone. We all want to feel secure when we get home from work, lock the front door and curl up on the couch. Sadly, burglaries happen and we have to be aware of the risks. If you don’t feel safe in your own home, it can be very difficult to switch off and relax. There are lots of ways to make your home more secure, with options for every budget. From gates and outdoor lighting to alarm systems and CCTV installation, you can choose systems, devices or deterrents to suit your budget and your needs. Smart systems are ideal if you want to bolster security with minimal hassle, as you can monitor cameras, adjust settings and get alerts via your smartphone. 

Create tranquil zones

Many of us lead hectic lives and we crave peace and downtime. If you struggle to wind down at home, try to create tranquil zones. Even if you are short on space, you can set up designated areas to rest, listen to music, read, or indulge hobbies, such as writing or drawing. If you don’t have a spare reception room, section off a corner of your living room using a decorative screen or a curtain you can open and close, or create a quiet zone on the landing or in your bedroom. It’s a great idea to use soft lighting, muted colours and cosy soft furnishings to induce calm and serenity. 

Celebrate your style and personality

Decorating your home should provide an opportunity to celebrate your style and personality. You want to look around each room and smile. Try to have confidence in your ideas and resist the temptation to follow the crowd if popular trends don’t complement your taste. Take inspiration from places you’ve been to or special memories, use colours and patterns that you love and have fun. 

We all want to feel happy in our homes. If you’re in the process of putting your stamp on a new house, or your home isn’t quite the sanctuary you dream of, follow these simple steps. Use colour to set the mood, prioritise security to ensure that you feel safe, create tranquil zones and celebrate and showcase your style and personality. 

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