Monday Musings

I’ve spent half the day trying to work out what day it is, before remembering it is only the beginning of the week!

We had such a good weekend I’m feeling fulfilled and inspired. We spent Saturday afternoon/evening with friends, built a trampoline, ate lots of food, drank some cider, sat outdoors until it got too chilly and laughed a lot. The sort of day that really fills your cup.

Sunday we took a mooch around the car boot though it wasn’t really in full swing, so we went back with friends for lunch and a doggie walk.

After a few months of feeling decidedly ‘blah’, I’m grateful to be finally feeling a little more like myself again. My head has been all over the place and life has felt hard. It’s easy to fall into the trap of feeling sorry for yourself and not pushing to get out of whatever hole you are in.

I feel motivated again and inspired to spring into action; To make some changes, to do the things that I’ve had on the back burner, and to get back in control.

I’ve a list a mile long of things I want/need/hope to do and have been trying to work my way through it. Sorting out things around the house, getting caught up on paperwork, brushing up on skills, making plans for the future, sussing out jobs that may take my interest… I feel like change is needed and so I’m trying to figure out what and how that will be.

We’ve lots of plans in the calendar for the next few days/weeks/months and it feels good to be out and socialising after being something of a hermit for a while. Maybe I just needed some downtime to regroup?!

All in all though, life is feeling good right now, I feel as though I am out of the mud and slowing making some legway. Fingers crossed that things keep getting better and better.

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