Life, lately

I thought it was about time I popped into this space for a little catch up. I’ve not been feeling very called to write lately, neither here nor on my Insta. I don’t seem to have any words or the urge to talk about me, how I’m feeling, what we’re doing…

It’s been a time of introspection. Of doing some deep inner work. Of pursuing goals. Putting plans into action. Seeing things come to fruition.

Of laying low and just getting on with life.

There have been birthday’s celebrated – Baya turned 13 and I turned 41. There are now THREE teenage girls in the house! Though we’re on the countdown to Lola going to Uni in Spetember. I am so proud of her for working so hard towards her goals, and so excited for this new chapter to begin for her. At the same time…. my baby is leaving home. Sob. Such a strange thought…. after 19 years of having her here all the time, it’s a huge stepping stone. We’ll all miss her terribly, especially Oren who loves her {mostly as she’ll sit and read to him for hours}.

Life moves on, nothing stays the same, and we have to roll with the changes and grow with them. The future looms ahead, and while sometimes I miss the days when the girls were little and life seemed so much simpler…. I love where we all are now in life.

I’ve been making much more time for myself lately. From women’s circles and day retreats to just space at home for me. Sitting at my altar in the morning, yolky cacao to drink, incense burning, oracle cards and journal in my hands. It feels good to let the magic free.

We’ve been planting seeds, sorting out the garden, decluttering the house…. crafting, painting, learning, reading, playing, loving.

I’ve opened my doors as a radical birthkeeper and Postpartum Doula – you can find me on Insta as @SacredMothering and my new website is live here. I am so excited to step out on this new road of mine, opening the door to endless possibilities.

I have so much I want to talk about, and I’m feeling like the words are finally ready to flow, my voice is finally ready to be used again. So soon…..

Until then, I would love to hear about what you have been up to x

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