How To Intensify Resistance Training In Yoga

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If you practice yoga regularly, you know how the routines become easier for your body with daily reflections. However, there are lots of things we can do to switch up our routine and make it challenging. One of these things includes adding more details to our flow so that there are more intricacies involved. For some time, you will notice flow variations making your session fun, but that, too, gradually reaches its limit after a point.

As mothers, we have a lot of parts that need strength training, especially our core. You can add props to your play, so that yoga becomes more engaging and rewarding. We have a list of our favorite yoga props which can complement your practice and give you a good workout with resistance training. Read on to know all about them!

  1. Blocks and rollers: Back pain, momma? We understand, which is why blocks and rollers make the top of our list. These life-changing props will show you new depth and help your muscles build more strength. Blocks are great props to improve your pose, especially if you struggle to deepen your asanas or hold them long enough. You can start by using stacked blocks and gradually move from there. Rollers will activate your acupuncture points, enhancing recovery and strengthening your muscles.
  2. Resistance bands: Using resistance bands for your yoga training, you can focus on isolating muscles to help you out with your strength training. You can start doing resistance bands chest workout exercises if you sit and work long hours, leading your ribcage to feel compressed. It will give you better breathing control too, so focus on your breaths while using this prop. Resistance bands make great props which can be used for a huge variety of flows to make them more challenging.
  3. Sandbags: Ever wanted to take yoga flows to the next level? If your answer is yes, then sandbags are your next best option. They provide excellent help in resistance training that every yogini needs along with flexibility. Many women experience loss of bladder control and weak abdominal walls post-delivery. Your body will thank you because this improves your core strength, diastasis recti, and bladder control after childbirth.
  4. Ankle and wrist weights: Do you enjoy leg workouts, especially intense yoga flows that challenge your legs? Then using ankle weights is the right option for you. It will help increase the resistance a bit by which you’ll be performing the same flows with a bit more intensity. If you want to strengthen your delicate wrists, using wrist weights will help you improve your muscle definition in the arms and shoulders.

Wrapping Up:

While buying any of these props or using them, make sure to listen to your body as your strength and intensity levels differ as per your hormonal cycles. If your body, especially joints feels sore or stiff, make sure that you start from the minimum weights and work your way up. The aim of adding resistance training is to improve your art while embracing the newness of your changing physiology! We hope this blog helped you gain insights on props!

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