Stand Out from the Crowd: How to Make your Home Unique

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Online shopping has given us access to more goods than ever before, and the list of independent, quirky, and fun shops on the market is growing day by day. With the whole world at our fingertips, there’s no excuse to have a dull home anymore. Now is the time to change up your decor and make your home shine. Let’s take a look at some essential tips to make your home stand out.


From cozy orange bulbs to clinical white strips, the lighting you choose will completely change your room. But what about the lamps themselves? A good lamp is a statement piece, they come in all shapes and sizes, all styles, and all colors. Don’t get a lamp just to spread light, get a lamp that you enjoy admiring and that suits your room’s vibe. Surya lamps offer a great range of striking, funky, and fun collections, so get yourself a lamp that truly suits you.


A throw is a fantastic way to liven up any dull furniture. If you’re bored of your tired old sofa, then add a throw for a new lease of life! The great thing about throws is their versatility. Any piece of furniture can be revived with a throw, which is a lot cheaper than buying a new sofa! Also, if you’re watching TV at night, the throw can suddenly become a great blanket.


An oddity could be a sculpture, an old camera, a toy, anything! A collection of oddities can be scattered around the room in bookshelves, end tables, and display cases to add a one-of-a-kind quality. The best way to find unique and unexpected oddities is by going antiquing! It’s great fun to search around in antique stores and second-hand shops looking for a forgotten gem to give some new life. Find your nearest antique store and get started!


Your home should be where you feel most comfortable. It should reflect your personality in every aspect, that way, you’ll find yourself more relaxed and content. Look around your home and note down the things which don’t make you happy, and set to work on changing them! A well-designed home can bring you joy and improve your outlook and mood, so don’t slack on the personality!


You can show off your individuality and showcase your story by displaying objects from your past around your home. This could be anything like books you love, gifts you’ve received, or things you’ve made! Homemade items and photos that you’ve taken are great pieces. When people come over, your ornaments and photos inspire all kinds of stores to tell!

House Plants

A house plant is an investment of time and energy, you have to nurture and care for it as well as you possibly can. You’ll find that you develop something of a relationship with your house plant, like a pet! Having your own plant is a great way to inject some individuality into your home because no two plants are the same! With the amazing variety of plants on offer, get something that will suit the conditions of your room, and that you will love!

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