Taking each day as it comes

woman sitting on edge of cliff above foaming sea

This year has been far from normal for all of us. SO many people have struggled with loneliness, a feeling of overwhelm, of not knowing what is going on or what is coming.

For many of us, it has made us realise what truly matters. Life got simple, and without the usual noise of our busy lives, we had time to listen to our hearts and dreams.

Enforced time at home, with just our closest family for company may have been difficult for many, but for some, it was just what they needed. Personally, I loved that first lockdown. I relished the extra time with my kiddos. Time with no deadlines, no rushing around, not having to be in twenty different places all at the same time.

We slowed down. We went on more walks, we crafted more, baked more, read more, laughed more, relaxed more.

It gave me the time I needed to cut away the deadwood. Time to stop just keeping swimming through the tides. Time to actually think about who I am, and where I want to go, and how I want life to be,

I found myself thriving, feeling more in touch with myself than I had in years. No longer trying to just keep going, I could breathe again.

I learned about what was important, and what really was not. I found courage and strength and determination.

In taking a step back from life, I have found myself then taking so many steps forward. Learning to drive. Diving into new studies. Making plans. New relationships.

I saw how I had let lifelong anxiety fill me with the need for control. In delving deep and looking at the whys of this, I have managed to address it and begin to dismantle it once and for all. Surrendering control is scary but feels SO freeing. Letting life just be instead of trying to cling on desperately and control it all is having an amazing effect on me.

Living each day as it comes, instead of clinging to the past or worrying about the future. That for me is what I learned from lockdown. A lesson I am so very grateful for.

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