Tips For Creating The Perfect Bedtime Routine

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Having a bedtime routine has its benefits. You are more likely to get better rest since your body will be on a set schedule. Going to bed around the same time every night will also help relieve you of the stress of the day. A routine will let your body know when it is time to relax and wind down. Here are some tips for creating the perfect bedtime routine.

Set A Bedtime Alarm

Sometimes your days can get so busy, getting ready for bed becomes an afterthought. One minute you are furiously working on a project and before you realize it, it is midnight. This is no good. By setting a bedtime alarm, you will remember to start your bedtime routine.

Eat Light And Healthy Before Bed

It is best if you eat light and healthy meals before you head to bed, though you want to avoid eating too late. The recommended window for eating should be 10 hours a day. In the event that you have to eat late at night, eat things like oatmeal, yogurt or nuts. These raise your melatonin levels. You should also avoid drinking alcohol before bed as it can disrupt your circadian rhythm.

Listen To Nighttime Music

You can do this by either creating a bedtime playlist or listen to one that is already made. Either way, you want to listen to some jams that will put you in the mindset of bedtime. Studies have shown that listening to music helps to encourage sleep and can also improve the quality of your sleep. You could try listening to jazz, R&B, classical or even color noises.

Turn The Lights And The Thermostat Down Low

Your circadian rhythm not only regulates when you feel sleepy and when you feel awake, but it also regulates your body temperature. Make sure that before you get ready for bed, you lower your thermostat to at least 65 degrees, which is an ideal temperature for sleep. By lowering the lights, you are creating a dark sleeping space. You should also turn the brightness down on your mobile devices and computers. You want to do everything in your power to help your circadian rhythm.

Shower Or Take A Bath

This is definitely something in your nighttime routine you should adopt, even if you are someone who typically takes their showers in the morning. There is nothing like washing the day off of you before climbing into bed. Creating a spa bathroom is not necessary, though it could make the experience much more enjoyable. Make sure that whatever you do, you shower or take a bath at least two hours before you go to sleep. Doing so will help lower your body temperature which encourages a good night’s sleep.

Turn Off All Electronic Devices

Avoid scrolling in bed before you go to sleep. The glow from those screens can throw off your circadian rhythm, making you feel alert and awake even though you are in fact sleepy. These devices also emit blue light, which is terrible for your eyes.

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