Thoughtful ways you can make your home more peaceful

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Life is stressful. But that stress and frustration shouldn’t be reflected in our homes. Your home should be the place you retreat to after a long day at the office, a place where you can be a parent but also somewhere you can be an adult.

Our days begin and end in our homes so ensuring that they’re peaceful and pleasant can be enough to set us up for the day ahead and help us enjoy a better night’s sleep. Your home should comfort and inspire you in equal measures and if you put a little energy into creating a peaceful home, you and your family will reap the benefits.

Read on to discover some thoughtful ways you can make your home more peaceful.

Update your lighting

Harsh, stark lighting. Dusty overhead lights. Gloomy corners and tired old lamps. Good lighting brings balance to your home, and most lighting solutions just don’t cut it. Whether your migraines are being triggered because of the bright lights or you are squinting in the gloom so you can read to your children, it’s time to update and upgrade to something calmer. LED lights are the ideal lighting solution for those looking for peace and relaxation at home. You’ll find a range of LED reflector bulbs and other lighting options to match different rooms in the home – click the link.

These simple but effective lights are better for the environment, are much cheaper to run and are available in various colour temperatures such as cool white, daylight and warm white. Leaving you in complete control of how your home is illuminated.


Clutter is stressful. And these days we have far too much of it. Things we don’t need, gifts we didn’t ask for, the kids’ toys, accessories, clothes we’re hanging onto…the list is endless. You don’t have to live a minimalistic lifestyle to make your home peaceful, however being able to cut through the clutter and remove anything you no longer want, use or need will certainly help.

You should also consider investing in some useful storage solutions to help you keep on top of it all!

Use calming scents

Smell is a powerful sense. And if utilised correctly, can help you achieve a peaceful and relaxing home environment. Using the correct scents can lift your mood and make you feel happier. Scents of citrus are clarifying and cleansing, lavender can help you relax and unwind, peppermint is soothing and sweet, and cinnamon often leaves us feeling warm and comfortable. You can burn incense, light candles or purchase some oil diffusers to enhance your home with peaceful aromas.

Finally, remove the tech

Although technology is there to make our lives easier, it can also have a negative effect. Too much tech can leave us feeling stressed, our eyes strained, and our sleep patterns disturbed. It may be a little impractical to cut out all the tech in your home, however, there are some little changes you can make to improve your home’s ambience.

Even just by removing the tech in your bedroom, you’ll improve the quality of your sleep. Store your phone in the drawer so it’s not lighting up your room at night and keep that laptop downstairs! 

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