The Family Guide to Lockdown

The spread in the Coronavirus Covid-19 has seen most of the countries go into lockdown as a control measure. Operating from home with your family members might seem fun, only that it gets frustrating after some time.

Psychotherapist Haley Neidich, LCSW suggests that parents give each other mental health moments throughout the day in order to take a few deep breaths or even just catch up on social media. Time away from the kids, even if just for a few minutes, can help you to stay more present throughout the day.

Here is all you need to make use of the time at home.

How to Prepare Emotionally

Self-quarantine and staying at home full time are not standard for most families. Most families already have in place routines they have gotten used to. Abruptly changing to this new lifestyle can easily take a toll on you. After some time in the house, you might notice you become easily irritated and generally grumpy. This is because the more you stay in contact with people, the more you start seeing their faults and feel like the need for some space. After some time, you might get so frustrated. Reports have indicated that divorces in China have spiked in since the start of the lockdown.

Staying emotionally and psychologically prepared is the key to having the time of your life at home. Even though staying at home the whole time is not your ideal pastime, it is time to embrace it. The first step towards embracing the situation is by acknowledging why it is essential. You need to understand that by staying at home, you not only keep yourself healthy but also don’t risk your family.

Once you know why it is crucial to stay at home, it is time to talk truthfully about the issues with the whole family. Have a family sit down as you explain everything about the ensuing situation. Ensure that everyone understands the need for changes in the routine. Let the children know exactly how you plan to manage the situation. Understand their expectations and fears, then address them adequately. Consult during the sit down to brainstorm on possible challenges and come up with solutions.

Now that you have addressed all the expected challenges and fears, it is time to create a routine. Feel free to create a schedule that, even though structured, is also flexible to allow for any new activities that come up later.

Keeping Healthy

Staying at home is not an excuse to stop all your other healthy practices. Even though you don’t need to move around, your body still needs to keep in top shape. Leading a healthy lifestyle protects you from contracting diseases and other body infections. The first step towards fit stay is by maintaining a healthy diet. Staying at home all the time where food is accessible has a way to make you hungry all the time. Preparing healthy food takes time; thus, most people resort to junk and snacks. Avoid purchasing unhealthy meals like sugary food and other over-processed carbs. Ensure your family consumes clean food and water at all times. Find out more at about how to keep your water clean for family consumption.

Staying at home fulltime does not mean laziness. Your body still needs exercise like any other time. Consider coming up with exercise routines for the whole family. Exercises are not only crucial for your physical body shape but also in boosting your mood and avoiding frustrations.

With the health system in tatters at the moment, keeping healthy is the best way to avoid diseases.

Fun Activities at Home

Other than preparing your family for the period and ensuring they stay healthy, you also need to take advantage of the period. Coming up with several fun activities over the period is the way to avoid unhealthy practices like watching TV the whole day. The stay at home period is the best time to teach your children all the necessary life skills. Teach them how to cook, wash, and soft skills.

Don’t fear to venture into the less serious fun of life during your stay—research on several games’ ideas for you and your family. Guide the children in performing science experiments, get creative using dough and crayons, and other DIY activities. Reading and writing should also be part of your routine. Immerse yourself in the world book worlds then share the stories. Write letters to each other about your experiences, appreciation, and any different fancy idea.

Also, allow the children to come with other activities they wish to engage in. You encourage not only creativity but also teamwork and corporation. By involving the whole family, no one will resent you due to feelings of domineering.

Bottom Line

No matter what you think, staying at home all the time sucks. Even those used to work at home will find it different from everyone else around. While it is easier to get depressed and feel all sulky about it, using these tips allows you the time of your life. Whatever you do at home, keep it fun, and involve the others.

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