Conscious Tribal Gathering

Last weekend, the kiddos and I headed to the wilds and took Oren to his first festival {and second camping trip}. Conscious Tribal Gathering is set in the beautiful Welsh countryside, not far from Llangollen. It was our first time there, though friends had been before and so many of our friends went for the weekend. We lucked out with the most beautiful weather, apart from a heavy shower on Saturday night.

We had the most wonderful weekend, full of fun, friends, laughter, and soul-soothing nature. Being out in nature is my favourite place to be, places like this always remind me just how much I don’t like city/town living. I’m a country girl at heart, happiest surrounded by the hills and valleys, where I can see the stars at night and walk barefoot through the wet grass.

Waking up to beautiful sunrises, sitting outside in the early morning with a babe and a cup of tea. Early morning walks to the river. Paddling my feet in the icy cold water. Sitting and watching the clouds move overhead. Blissful nursing sessions listening to the sound bath. Catching friends kids singing their own songs. Meeting new friends. Waving at the steam train as it went past.

Away from the hustle and bustle of our daily life. Free from the ties of technology.

Festivals for us are made by spending them with friends. For me, having friends there gives me a little extra support, especially right now with a small baby. Friends who watch Oren while I get camp set up, and others who help me take it down so I’m not stressing. Having folk nearby when Oren had a mini-meltdown one evening, and I felt momentarily overwhelmed and joined him in crying.

Conscious Tribal Gathering was filled with such a positive energy and was a lovely safe space for children. Being at small festivals, where I know a lot of people, and where everyone is so lovely means I have no worries letting my littlies run wild and free. The kids loved being able to have early morning swings, the older kids loved being able to stay up late and party!

Baya made about twenty dog friends while she was there, and now we are even more certain that we need a doggy of our own. We are already looking forward to returning next year!

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