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When I was first pregnant with Oren, I read loads of reviews of the Sleepyhead Pods and saw people talking about how good they were, and I was intrigued. I never had anything like it for any of the other kiddos, and while it looked fantastic I did wonder if it was something I needed.

Fast forward a few months to Oren being earthside, and for the first few days he would only sleep on me. Meaning I spent my nights half sat up with him asleep on my chest. After a week or so, I managed to get him to sleep lying next to me at night which was an improvement. I’ve always co-slept with my littlies, and love it so much. With Beastie still in my bed, having a tiny newborn in the middle meant I slept extra lightly as I was ensuring Beastie didn’t squish him.

Then one morning I popped him in the Sleepyhead Pod Deluxe+ for a daytime nap and was amazed how well he slept. So much so, that I decided to try it at night. It fits in the Moses basket I have, so I have it right next to my bed – so really it’s no different from him co-sleeping with me. From that first night, he slept so well in it that I slept better too.

With my other kiddos, I’d end up using rolled-up towels to pad the sides of their Moses baskets to make them feel cosy. The Sleepyhead Pod does that for you, it gives your baby a cosy, snug place to sleep, making them feel like they’re still being held and cuddled all night long. I’m quite honestly so impressed with it, I’ve been recommending it to everyone that I know who is expecting a baby!

Not gonna lie…. they make for some gorgeous baby photos too! I mean seriously… how lush is this cover??

When I took Oren on his first camping trip the other week, I packed the Sleepyhead Pod {the fact it has it’s own travel case makes it so easy to take away}. I laid it in on top of my double airbed, so he was next to me but nice and cosy. He slept just as well as he normally does, and I didn’t have any worries about him being on a squishy airbed with me. I’ll be taking it again with me to the festivals we’re attending over the summer.

It’s great to have to take away on holidays or for overnight stays – takes away any worries about where the baby will sleep, and because it is familiar your baby will be happy and content.

I’m already planning on needing to buy the Grand Pod when Oren is bigger!!

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