How To Make And Use Bucatini Pasta?

Pasta is a very elegant and tasty dish that many people enjoy with great pleasure. This is the best comfort food for many people around the world. Moreover, this amazing dish offers its many different varieties. There are many different types of pasta and each one of them is made in a different style. But no matter what type of pasta you make, the most important thing that you need to consider is pasta sauce. To make your pasta more flavorful you should always use the best sauces.

Here, in this post, we are discussing bucatini pasta in detail.

Bucatini Pasta is one of the most scrumptious dishes of the Rome which was traditionally prepared by the rich flavors of tomatoes. The other main essential elements of this dish are onions, pork cheek, bacon, and pancetta. The unique name of this pasta is derived from an Italian word which means hole.

There are many different pasta brands in the market and you can easily find the best ones by searching online where to buy bucatini pasta. Plus, to make a delicious Italian pasta recipe, you should always use a high-quality Italian extra-virgin olive oil.

How Bucatini Pasta Is Made?

Bucatini pasta is made by using standard pasta machines. Flat pasta is put inside the machine and that then rolled out it in the form of sheets. After rolling, machines cut pasta to make different pasta shapes of tagliatelle and bucatini.

Bucatini pasta is made with tiny circular perforations that then make long tubes of pasta. Then to make the desired size, these tubes are trimmed off properly.

You can also make this bucatini pasta at home very easily. All you need to have is a standard bucatini machine at your home. Then the process is as simple as above-mentioned. You just need to put pasta carefully to make standard holes.

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Serving Bucatini Pasta

Traditionally, bucatini pasta is served with classic Amatriciana sauce. You can sauté this pasta with pepper flakes, chopped garlic and onion. After cooking you can top it with any cheese of your choice. And of course, you cannot skip the authentic tomato sauce to make true classic pasta.

Fresh vs. Dried Bucatini

You can buy bucatini pasta in both fresh and dried form. To buy fresh bucatini, you have to visit Italian speciality shops whereas dried bucatini is easily available the supermarkets. It is best to use fresh pasta with any creamy sauce. On the other hand, dry pasta works best with any meaty sauce. The better and richer the sauces you use with both fried and dried bucatini, the more satisfying meal you will get.

Bucatini Pasta Recipe

The bucatini pasta recipe is very simple and anyone can make it very easily. Even if you are new to the pasta cooking world even then you will quickly learn to make delicious pasta. Check out the complete steps to make this bucatini pasta quickly.

1. First of all, put the pasta in salt water and let it boil. Meanwhile, on another pan, heat olive oil over medium flame and then add chopped onion.

2. Cook them for a few minutes. Then put pancetta and cook it until become slightly crisp.

3. Then add other ingredients such as tomatoes, pepperoncini, and 1 cup of water.

4. Let all this mixture boil for few minutes. Then add salt and pepper according to taste.

5. Then remove the pasta from heat and transfer it to the sauce mixture you just made.

6. Remove the pan from heat and sprinkle grated cheese and serve hot.

Just make sure to make this pasta recipe with great care and complete happiness. Only then, you will be able to enjoy the most delicious taste of this bucatini pasta.

On the Ending Note

To make best bucatini Italian pasta recipe, make sure that you use good pasta brands and best Italian extra virgin olive oil as well. You can easily get many options online by just searching where to buy bucatini pasta. 

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