Summer Festival Plans

I’ve been taking the kiddos to festivals for years, only missing the summer of 2015 as we moved house and I had to be a sensible grown up and use my money for that! This year the kiddos and I are hitting a couple of festivals again, plus we have a home ed camp next week. We love festivals so much, they’re such fun for ALL of the family, and a big part of our summer.

Whenever I talk to anyone, I always recommend festivals as the perfect family holiday. My kiddos spend the first half of the year counting down to summer and the start of the festivals.

The beginning of August will see us heading to the Conscious Tribal Gathering, which isn’t too far from home for us. This a new for us one, but it looks like a super chilled family festival. We have several friends going, we’ve found festivals with friends are so much fun – especially for my bigger kiddos who relish having the freedom to go off with their friends. When I know we’re surrounded by friends, I worry less about them heading off, as I know there are plenty of people who’ll keep an eye on them! This looks like a good hippie festival, with an eclectic selection of speakers, workshops, performers and musicians to enlighten and entertain.

Then ten days after we get home from that festival, we’ll be heading off to the Just So festival. We’ve been heading there for the last three or four summers in a row. It’s definitely one of the highlights of our summers, and something that we’d be so sad to miss. It really is one of the best festivals for families around, and one that I tell everyone I speak to about!

We are super excited that the Flamingo Lounge is returning this year – we had a fun evening dancing there last time! The Spellbound Forest is always a favourite place for us to spend time, and we can’t wait to catch some bands at Footlights! The Tribal Tournament is the big finale – it really adds so much to the festival experience, and we all love gathering with our tribe and parading along to find out which team is the winner each year {We were part of the winning Fish Tribe last year!} You can see a full round-up of what’s on here.

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We have been given complimentary tickets to the Just So festival, in exchange for an honest review. We love it so much, all words and opinions are our own.

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