Dear Bean – Week Thirty Three

Dear Bean

It’s been another good week, asides from feeling tired all is good. I had a midwife check this week, and the only ‘issue’ they brought up was that my platelet count was low. Sitting at 132 instead of the 150 minimum that is considered normal. I came home and did a lot of my own research, and everything I’ve found suggests that unless they drop to below 50 it’s not an issue. I know midwives/hospitals like to grasp onto things as a reason not to have a homebirth, but unless they fall drastically in the next few weeks, or I feel there is another reason I will be going ahead with my homebirth. I believe in educating myself, and making informed decisions, as opposed to sitting back and ‘doing as I’m told’.

Otherwise, I’m feeling good. My backache has eased off, I’m feeling a lot happier in general about this pregnancy and I’m *almost* ready to meet this little Bean. He’s as wriggly as ever, the kiddos are loving watching my belly move all over and be in some really weird shapes as he wriggles about.

I’m trying to get the last bits sorted now, so that there is no last minute panic in those last few weeks!

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