Tips on Camping with Kids

Hurray – the summer holidays are nearly here, which means getting out there for an adventure with the family! There are lots of places you can enjoy quality family time, but you can’t beat a camping holiday for fun sleeping out under the stars. Camping is fun for children of all ages, but it can also present a few challenges for the novice camper. If you’re heading for an exciting night or two under canvas, these tips on camping with kids will help you make sure you all have a good time.

The Destination

The road trip to a campsite is often part of the fun, but to keep everyone happy, you want to travel in comfort. Campervans are great because you have all the room you need inside and can turn up at your chosen campsite ready to enjoy your stay. You can even pitch a tent next to your campervan and use it as your day vehicle. There are lots of campervans on the market, but Toyotas are reliable and family friendly. For the best Toyota dealers Scotland, Wales and England, do a quick search to see what is in your area.

The UK has a vast number of areas of outstanding natural beauty, meaning you can have your pick of stunning locations, so do your research first and pick an area that has some great countryside and attractions. For example, the Lake District is world famous for its incredible rugged mountains and vast lakes.


When packing for a camping holiday with kids, it’s best to take plenty of clothes to layer up if needed. Although summer in Britain can be glorious, it can also be chilly at night. Plenty of layers will ensure your little ones stay snug in their sleeping bags, and they can always take a layer off if they get too warm. Pack a few favourite teddies too, to help younger children settle down at night.

Other things to remember to take with you are small torches for everyone. This handy tool will help you find your way to the toilet at night or tend to any children who have woken up. Kids often enjoy having their own torch, so it is also a fun toy for them to play with.

Fun Games

Camping is all about appreciating the great outdoors, so keep the kids away from screens and video games by thinking up some fun games for the whole family. Take a football and have a kick about, go on a nature hunt and make mud pies!

Embrace Mud

Don’t expect everything to stay clean and tidy when you go camping. There will be mud in your tent, grass stuck to your feet and grime over your children’s faces! Most campsites have a toilet and shower area, so make the most of having a good wash once per day and forget staying clean in between. Take plenty of wipes and hand gel for emergencies, but accepting that a little mud is part and parcel of camping outside will help you relax and enjoy your stay.

Going camping is something that families can enjoy doing together, and with a little know-how you can make camp-life a good time and have fun making special memories to enjoy forever.

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