List 42: 10 Things I love about Lola

this is going up a week later than planned seeing as Blogger messed up last week!!

Lola turned 8 on Sunday! It doesn’t seem 5 minutes since she was a babe in my arms, and now she’s growing up way to fast! Here’s 10 things that I love about her:

  1. she always has her nose in a book….
  2. she has the most amazing memory, remembers the craziest little things :)
  3. she loves parma violets as much as I do
  4. she draws cute, quirky pictures
  5. she’s a total history buff – and knows way more than I do about old kings & queens
  6. she’s still likes to hear ‘Goodnight Moon’ at bedtime
  7. she can be incredibly silly….
  8. and amazingly loving
  9. she watches the world… and sees every detail
  10. she loves to boogie to Green Day
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