Perfect PJ’s with Identity Lingerie

Ah bed. I’d happily stay there all day if I could. I’m one of those gals who jumps into my PJ’s the second I’m through the front door and not going back out again. I like to be comfy!

I was grateful to be sent these gorgeous silky button up pyjamas recently, not only do they look amazing, they are the softest, silkiest thing I have ever worn.

For someone who is very particular on textures of fabric, and what I can sleep in, these are honestly hands down a winner. They are cosy without being too warm, perfect for cooler nights and warmer evenings alike. I love the paisley design on these. They are idea for lounging around in as well as sleeping in – they definitely look prettier than my scruffy old PJ’s!

Photos just don’t do them justice – so I made a little video to share them with you

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