8 Steps to Spring Clean and Declutter Your Home

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Now the days are lengthening and spring is in the air, I’ve been making a start on my spring cleaning. It feels so good to open the windows and ensure everywhere is clean and tidy after the long winter months when the house is shut up.

I’ve always loved spring cleaning, as to me, it’s a sign that better weather is ahead – long days in the garden, curtains billowing in the wind, the house smelling of warm earth and cut grass. Washing the throws we’ve used all winter, tidying away all the clutter, cleaning off surfaces and making sure everything is organised.

Starting a new season with a clean, decluttered and tidy house always makes me feel good – it’s that cleaning away the old to make space for the new. Here are the 8 steps I follow for my Spring Clean and Declutter


It’s harder to clean a house that is full of stuff. So my first step is to always try and clear through everything before I start cleaning. Go through one room at a time, decluttering those things that you no longer need or use. Have some boxes to hand (I have at least 3) labelled Sell, Donate, Recycle. It’s easier to sort as you go rather than just making a pile of everything that you then have to go through again.

In bedrooms, sort through winter clothes, pack away anything that you will use next year, and donate or sell clothes that have been grown out of. Do the same downstairs with winter coats, boots, hats, and gloves. Look through any toys, games, and books, getting rid of those that are broken, and selling/donating any that they no longer play with. Go through drawers and cupboards and donate, recycle, or dispose of anything that is taking up unnecessary space.

Dust and Wipe Down Surfaces

Once the house has been decluttered, this is when you can start cleaning. Working your way through the house, from top to bottom dust all surfaces including shelves, countertops, furniture, and electronics. Wipe down surfaces with a damp cloth or appropriate cleaning solution to remove any built-up grime or dust.

Remove all items from each surface before you start to dust – that way you can get every little bit cleaned, and often the items themselves need a little wipe down before I put them back in place. I’ll also wipe places like the tops of photo frames and mirrors, the picture rail around the living room, and skirting boards.

Clean Windows and Mirrors

As the sun starts to shine again, suddenly windows and mirrors don’t look as clean as we thought they were! Use a glass cleaner and lint-free cloth to clean windows, mirrors, and glass surfaces. Pay attention to streaks and smudges for a clear and sparkling finish. You’ll be glad you took the time for this step when the sun is streaming through the windows.

It’s a good idea to get a window cleaner in to clean the outsides of all the windows too, or you can tackle them yourself!

Vacuum and Mop Floors

Next up is to tackle the floors. Lift up all rugs, if they are machine washable, then pop them in the machine, if not take them outside for a really good shake off (really good if they are long piled as no matter how much you vacuum, there always seems to be crumbs trapped in the pile). Then working from top to bottom, Vacuum all the carpets, moving any furniture you can, getting underneath beds and sofas and behind any nooks and crannies where the dust builds up. Sweep any hard floors and mop them with a suitable cleaner to get rid of any residue and stains there may be.

Freshen Up Fabrics

Spring is a great time to wash your curtains, throws, and cushion covers to freshen up fabrics and remove any odours. You can also vacuum any upholstered furniture or steam clean them if necessary. Spring can be a tricky time for keeping on top of laundry as it’s often to warm to have the heating on, but not always warm enough or dry enough for the washing to dry completely outdoors. A heated airer can make such a difference – letting you dry the washing off indoors, without it taking days or having it draped over the entire house!

Tackle Kitchen and Bathroom

Deep clean appliances inside and out, including the refrigerator, oven, microwave, and dishwasher. Scrub sinks, taps, and countertops. Empty out all the crumbs from your toaster, move small appliances to clean underneath/behind. Clean pantry shelves, tops of kitchen cupboards, baseboards and extractor fans.

Clean and disinfect toilets, baths, showers, and tiles. Don’t forget to replace sponges and scrub brushes as needed. Wash shower curtains if you have one, disinfect any bath toys, deep clean bath towels and mats.

Organize Storage Spaces

Perhaps my favourite step! Once everywhere has been cleaned and decluttered, it’s time to get organising. Spring is a good time to reorganise, before life gets busy as the weather improves and we spend more time outdoors. Making sure that you have enough storage for all your belongings is essential to keeping everything organised, tidy and easy to find! You can never have enought baskets and storage boxes in my opinion! Go through wardrobes, cupboards, cabinets, and other storage spaces, sorting items into categories, making sure things are in the best places for them to be. Put winter items away or towards the back, bringing spring and summer supplies forward so they are easier to find.

Baskets are a great way to organise, whilst also maximising space and making it easier to keep your house tidy. Give each basket a specific purpose based on the items you’ve sorted. For example, use a basket near the front door for storing keys and mail, a bigger one for shoes or hats and gloves. A basket in the living room can keep all your magazines and mail contained.

I love baskets in kids bedrooms and playrooms as it makes tidying up so much faster! Keeping similar toys together in a basket makes it simple to find the toys they want, and when they have finished playing it is easy to sort toys back into their correct storage place.

Finishing Touches

When you have finished cleaning and decluttering your home, you can add some finishing touches to make your space feel inviting and refreshed. Throw open the windows, make sure your bed is made every day, add some new scatter cushions or a throw in pretty spring colours, a vase of fresh flowers in the kitchen, and light scented candles in the living room.

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