The Happy List #2

Back today with another Happy List. I’ve been sick the last few days with Strep and have felt pretty rotten. Thankfully the antibiotics have kicked in so I’m feeling a bit better now. We seem to have had a run of bad health this winter between us, hoping that the arrival of spring will bring better health!

I would love to hear what you are happy about this week… here’s my list

1/ A day to myself – well, not quite a whole day, but the kiddos went out with their Dad yesterday so I enjoyed a few hours of peace. I blitzed the house, dyed my hair, saged the house, watched some TV and caught up on work. It was bliss!

2/ New car – very excited to have gotten a new {to me} car this week. The kids were most excited by the sunroof – I was just excited to have such a clean car haha Turned out to be perfectly timed as on my way to get it, the brake lights went on my old one again!

3/ Family time – last Tuesday was a year since my Dad died, so the kiddos and I headed back to where I grew up to spend some time with my brother and take some flowers to where we put my Dad’s ashes. While it was a little sad, we focused on the good memories and it was actually a lovely day.

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