Fun at home ed camp

Finally sharing this here, for no reason other than I’m trying to get back into sharing more on my blog! I’ve been terrible for a long time at sharing bits of our life, and after doing some tidying up around here, I’ve remembered how nice it is to have snippets of our life on here to look back on and remember.

So… a few weeks ago we joined a group of other home ed families for a little camp. Three nights in the Welsh countryside, it was a lovely break.

A small, informal camp, lots of free time for the kids to run around and play, a few crafts organised here and there. Camp fires, paddles in the river, dodging the rain showers…. It was a lovely relaxed few days. So grateful for the community we are part of, that the kids get to grow up with this freedom.

We enjoyed it so much, we decided to go to a much bigger Home Ed Camp next month! We’ve never done home ed camps in the past – but looking forward to joining in them in the future!

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