Thinking ahead to purchasing my first car

With my practical driving test just a couple of months away, I’m starting to seriously think about actually being able to drive and have a car of my own! It’s a super exciting step, and I really cannot wait for the freedom that it will bring me {though maybe not quite as excited about being everyone’s taxi once I have passed!!}

ATS Euromaster I Wish I Knew Campaign is encouraging people to think about what they wish they’d known before they bought their first car, or the advice that they would pass on to their children. I’ve been doing a lot of research and a lot of thinking about the realities of owning a car, talking to friends and family about their experiences and figuring out what is important – such as ongoing costs of car servicing and fuel.

Here are the five main things that I am considering as I look to purchase my first car;

What you actually need in a car ~ I’m sure we all have ‘dream cars’ that we would love to own and drive around. For me, I’ve longed for an original VW Beetle for years. In reality though, that wouldn’t suit me right now. There is no point buying a car if it won’t meet your day to day needs. I need a car that fits all six of us in, but that also has space for our belongings – we camp a lot so need space for tents, bedding, food, etc. Think about your day-to-day needs, how many people you need to transport, how much boot space you need, if you need to get three car seats in the back row.

What your budget is ~ it’s a good idea to have a firm idea in mind of your budget before you start looking at cars. It’s also wise to take into account that buying a cheap car may cost more in the long run. I would rather spend a little more money initially to have a more reliable car that hopefully won’t need too much work as it goes along.

What the running costs will be ~ alongside the budget for the actual car, it’s important to think about ongoing costs. How much insurance & road tax will be, how fuel-efficient the car is, as well as costs of MOTs and regular services.

What to think about when looking at a car ~ personally, I have zero clue when It comes to cars. Other than knowing it looks good – the technical side of things I don’t understand at all. So when it comes to being time to actually purchase a car I will be enlisting the help of my brother who does know these things. If you’re buying from a dealership, then you can probably be sure that the car will be in good running order, and that all the paperwork is correct. If you’re buying from a private seller then it is definitely wise to take somebody knowledgeable along with you.

Ensure you have a test drive {and what to look for} ~ where ever you are buying your car from, it’s always wise to take a test drive. For one, it gives you a feel for the car and you can be sure you like it from an actual driving perspective – is it comfortable to drive, would you be happy driving it around. It’s also a good opportunity to check how the car is running. Think about things like Does it start ok? Are the breaks working properly? Listen to the engine. How is the suspension? Check the transmission and the steering.

What would you add to this list? Is there anything that you would have liked to have known before you purchased your first car?

This post is a collaboration with ATS Euromaster, but all thoughts and experiences are my own

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