A slow pace of life

9 weeks of lockdown. It seems like it’s gone fast yet been forever at the same time, what a weird year this is shaping up to be. We’re pretty much resigned now to having all our summer plans put on hold… though we are holing out that we’ll still be able to do our small camp with friends in Auguest… we”ll see!

It’s been a good couple of weeks, in all honesty, I’m loving this slower pace of life. There will be definite changes when life goes back to normal, though it’ll never be as slow as this as we have too many commitments between us, so I’ll make the most of it right now!

I’ve been managing to fit in work here and there, around the kiddos. IT’s hardest with Oren right now as he needs constant attention when he’s awake. I don’t like using every naptime for work as it’s good to use those times to spend with the other kiddos too! It’s certainly a balancing act, but somehow the work gets done {thankfully – I still have bills to pay so have to earn a wage}. Four years of practice at being a single, working mama has paid off!

We’ve been loving long walks to the river still, nothing beats a dose of nature – fresh air, the sound of birds and the river flowing, the peace and stillness of the outdoors. It does us all the world of good. Oren loves being at the river so much, paddling his toes and trying to skim stones like the big kids! The dog has discovered a love of swimming – and somehow it makes her walk {she had been crated all her life until we got her, so is still learning how to actually be a dog!}

I’ve been spending more time on the garden, sorting out the flower bed, tidying, painting rainbows… it’s finally looking like a nice space! I need to source a few new pavving slabs to replace the ones that were under the brick planter we knocked down, and at some point I’m required to build a guinea pig house…!

Still waiting for the paint to arrive for Baya’s bedroom, picking up the paint for Beastie’s bed today so hopefully it’ll be another week of getting some DIY jobs up.

I’ve been fitting in some creative time too when I can, even ten minutes of painting time if that’s all I can get. I love getting the paints out and experimenting.

I’ve been using this time to really stop and think about the future, I’ve some ideas in mind so really just exploring options right now and seeing what feels like the right path to take. It’s time to make some changes, to focus a little of my time on ‘Polly’ and not just being a Mama. Just a little…17 years of being home with little ones, 8 of those working whilst homeschooling and raising kiddos, yet somewhere in the future will be a time with no tiny ones {not just yet though} and it’s time to put plans in place for that day!

For now, I’m off to paint while the baby naps….

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