Oren Sage Malachi – Ten month update

Happy Ten Months Oren baby. I cannot believe how fast these months have gone, my tiny little baby is vanishing before my eyes, and being replaced with a toddler.

It’s so fun to watch you learn and grow every day. He’s pretty much walking around all the time now, he can climb the stairs and the steps to the slide. Uh-oh!

He loves playing in the garden, splashing in water and digging in the soil. He’s definitely an outdoor baby!

He can say Mama, Lola, No, and dadadad when he sees the big kids dad. He’ll shout at the big kids if he sees they have food or something he wants until they share.

He’s still a fantastic eater, he’ll eat anything and everything, he just eats the same thing at meal times as we do. Curry and soup are his favourite dinner meals, closely followed my a roast dinner. I give him a little dairy, but he’s never eaten meat.

Sleep is still something we are working on. Apart from the odd night, he’s not too bad these days. He goes down between half past eight and nine o’clock in my bed, and I’ll join him an hour or two later. He usually wakes when I go to bed, feeds and snuggles in with me. He’ll feed a couple of times through the night on a good night and wake for the day between half seven and eight.

I’m starting to put together ideas to celebrate his birthday – though who knows whether it will just be the six of us or we can have a proper party!

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