6 baby items that you actually need!

If you look at baby magazines or websites, you’ll end up with a huge list of ‘essentials’… things that supposedly you can’t live without once you have a newborn.

The truth is, babies don’t need an awful lot. A few vests and babygrows, nappies, a pair of arms… all babies need is to be fed and to be loved. There are of course somethings that make our lives easier while we navigate the newborn period.

Here are six baby items that I actually found useful and have recommended over and over again to friends…

  • Sleepyhead Pod – I was unsure how much I’d use this before Oren was born, but it turned out to be probably the most useful piece of kit I had for him!!! It turned out he LOVED sleeping in it as a newborn, I had it in a moses basket by the side of my bed for the first few months, it was easy to move around the house for daytime naps, was easy to take on holiday AND was perfect to use when we were camping. At 8 months, Oren is still in – he starts the night in there, it’s on my bed and he loves feeling snug and safe in there until I go to bed too. If you’re unsure about buying one of these, I’d say get it – it’s certainly worth it!
  • Sling – I’d be lost without a sling! From tiny newborns who want to snuggle all day to an 8-month-old with separation anxiety, slings are the only way I manage to get anything done most days! For newborns, I love the Close Caboo, for older babies I either use my Connecta, an Ergo or the Boba. I have a Boba X and it is fantastic. Quick and easy to pop on, either front or back, comfy to wear and it means I can get on with jobs around the house! You can often pick up fantastic slings at a great price at T J Maxx.
  • Breast pump – I’d definitely recommend expressing once you have settled into breastfeeding, it means partners/grandparents could take over a feed {great if you need to catch up on some sleep!}. I love the Medela Swing Breast Pump – Pump and Feed Set.
  • Cloth Nappies – not only more eco-friendly, but money saving too! I love all-in-ones for ease of use. {You can read more about my cloth nappy use here}
  • Baby Swing – I never had one with the girls, then bought a second hand one when I was expecting Beastie, and it turned out to be a lifesaver for the first couple of months! Both boys loved the swinging motion, and it would often buy me enough time to shower/eat a meal/drink a hot cup of tea! I’d recommend getting one small enough to move around the house easily.
  • Star Baby Wrap – I bought a Tuppence and Crumble star wrap for Oren, and it’s been so useful. Not only are they super cute and snuggle, but you can use them with five-point harnesses and in a sling. It’s so quick and easy to pop on and off too, making it a big plus in my book!

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