Review || Cossato Wow XL

In 16 years of parenting, I’ve had way too many pushchairs to count. My favourite until now was my Cosatto Ooba that I had for Beastie. As I don’t drive, having a pushchair has always been essential for me, for getting from a to b, and for carrying all our stuff! It’s no secret I’m a big fan of Cosatto – they have the best patterns and prints, no more boring black pushchairs with them around! So when they kindly offered to send me a new pram for Oren, I was thrilled.

We opted for the Wow XL this time around, as it had so many great selling points and really fitted what we needed. It is truly flexible, and can grow with your family. You can have it for a single baby, two babies, a baby and a toddler… there are over 50 combinations!

Straight out of the box, you could use if for a baby and a toddler, or purchase an extra carrycot or pushchair seat if you have twins. It is a big, strong, sturdy pushchair – a little heavy, but it is worth the weight. It was easy to put together, and it’s just as easy to switch seats/carrycots around.

The carrycot is nice and roomy, and I love that the inside of the hood is patterned – Oren loves looking at it when we’re out and about. It clips on and off the chassis with a touch of a button, making it easy to take off even with the baby inside.

One big selling point of this pram for me was the basket – it is HUGE! Several people have commented on how amazing it is, and it really is – when I’m out with all the kiddos for a day, being able to get all our lunches/drinks/coats/baby stuff under there is fantastic. Another fab point is that the chassis has a built-in buggy board – Beastie loves this! You have to move the carrycot to a different position to use it, but I keep the adapters on the chassis all the time, so if we’re out and Beastie needs a ride I can quickly move it along so he can hop on. Of course, you could keep the carrycot set so the buggy board is always accessible – but Beastie is almost five so I don’t want him riding all the time he’s too heavy for me to push much!

There are toy loop in the carrycot hood, and it even comes with two cute cuddly companions to fix on! We chose the Nordik print which is kind of Orla Keily-ish – I love it so much. It is easy to push, the wheels are great even in the park, and it is easy to fold down.

We’ve just moved Oren to the pushchair unit as he no longer likes lying down and wants to be a big boy {sob}, and I’m so glad that it can be parent facing as well as outward facing. I love having my littles facing me for as long as possible so I can chat with them whilst we’re out and about.

The Wow XL is £749.95, and right now it comes with a free car seat making it even better value for money! I’d definitely recommend this pushchair, especially if you have more than one child, or are hoping to have more – it will grow with you and save you a fortune on having to buy more prams further down the line.

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